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Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home & Business

Why You Should Disinfect This Period

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home & Business

Disinfecting Your Business

Since the arrival of the COVID -19 (Coronavirus), we are all trying different precautionary measures to ensure our safety and the spread to others.

Although we are yet to completely understand this virus, we do know that COVID 19 is usually spread from one person to another through droplets from respiratory fluids and it can survive on surfaces for periods of time.

While there are known symptoms of COVID 19, many people can be asymptomatic and transmit it unknowingly.

In this Covid-19 pandemic period, everyone, everything, and everywhere is a suspect. It’s important that you clean and disinfect now to avoid contracting and spreading the virus. One of the most challenging factors we are facing is how often to disinfect and when should you as a business.

Interactions with the public, employees, and anyone that enters or exits your place of business is at risk.  Disinfecting is of vital importance to protect you and your staff by ensuring that your place of business is safe from Coronavirus.


Source Material from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:  Disinfecting Your Facility to Prevent COVID-19

Disinfecting Your Home

Everyone is busy washing their hands, wearing face masks, and taking some other precautions. Have you taken the time to clean and disinfect your own home where you spend the majority of your time? If you or a loved one cannot self-quarantine because your interaction with others is deemed necessary, there is a chance that you or others may have been exposed to the virus. Since you spend more time in your home, you should consider protecting yourself and your household by ensuring that your home is safe from the Covid-19 virus spread.

Studies have shown that the Coronavirus can remain active on some surfaces for a long period of time if not disinfected. You should do your best to ensure that you are disinfecting surfaces that have a high frequency of touch.

Steps On How You Can Clean Your Household

Cleaning can reduce the number of bacteria and impending viruses on surfaces to reduce risks of infection.

Here are some of the recommended steps you can take to ensure that your home is clean and disinfected;

  • Wear disposable gloves to clean and disinfect.
  • Clean surfaces using soap and water, then use disinfectant.
  • Cleaning with soap and water reduces the number of germs, dirt, and impurities on the surface. Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces.
  • Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.
    • More frequent cleaning and disinfection may be required based on level
  • High touch surfaces include:
    • Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, etc.

Disinfecting and Killing Germs

  • Use an EPA approved Disinfect against the virus that causes COVID 19.
  •  List N: Disinfectants for use against SARs-CoV-2external icon

    Follow the instructions on the label to ensure safe and effective use of the product.
    Many products recommend:

    • Keeping surface wet for a period of time (see product label).
    • Precautions such as wearing gloves and making sure you have good ventilation during use of the product.

 Source Material from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Cleaning and disinfecting your home;

Cleaning & Disinfection Your Home, Office & Business – What do we recommend?

Our Recommendation is to contact us or call us directly at 508-822-0002 to discuss your options for disinfecting your home or place of business before you reopen or schedule regular disinfecting services to keep everyone safe. Doing your part on a daily basis by cleaning and disinfecting areas that are high touch surfaces will help, but want to make sure all surfaces are clean and virus free to ensure spread. That’s where our disinfecting services come in to play.

We use a process called ULV Fogging to disinfect for the virus.

Our fogging uses a disinfectant product called SC-RTU-360 that is manufactured by Spectral Chemical. The EPA Reg# is 1839-220-33466 and the EPA Est# is 33466-RI-01. To learn more about the chemical, please click this link:

To apply the disinfectant we used a method called ULV (Ultra-low volume) fogging. The method of application has been defined as spraying at a volume Application Rate (VAR) of less than 5 L/ha which helps ensure proper coverage.

In conclusion, during this pandemic period, protecting yourself and others should be your utmost priority. Be sure that you follow the recommended guidelines set by the CDC and your local governing body. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our website or call us 24 hours a day at 508-822-0002.

Source Material from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:; Cleaning and Disinfecting to Prevent COVID-19 March 2020 Boston Public Health Commission Infectious Disease Bureau

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