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Refrigerant and Low Grain Refrigerants are the standard dehumidification units used in water damaged homes and/or basements to lower humidity levels. Refrigerants are the most effective dehumidifiers in warm and humid conditions.

Desiccant Drying

Restorative Drying has a large variety of Desiccant dehumidifiers fit for every job. Desiccants perform where other units in the industry cannot properly operate, such as in cold temperatures. Desiccants generally work to their maximum in large open areas and have capabilities of drying out structural materials such as wood, concrete, plaster, etc. much faster than traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers.

This can reduce drying costs and rebuild costs significantly. Examples of ideal locations for the use of these dehumidifiers are schools, multi-story homes or buildings and large commercial buildings. Restorative Drying can accommodate your residential, commercial and industrial buildings with a fleet of Desiccants ranging from 2000 - 15,000 cubic feet per minutes (cfm).